247 Leangevity Weight Loss Secrets

Posted: April 25, 2017

My friend and “ex-fat guy” Sayan Sarkar just published his new book, 247 Proven “Leangevity” Secrets, and he’s giving a limited number of copies away to my readers free of charge. (all you have to do is just cover shipping.)Yes, that is true. You can have for FREE 247 Leangevity Weight Loss Secrets in a real book, delivered to your door.
The book highlights 247 of his best, most scientifically-backed fat loss & longevity secrets you’ll find anywhere.
This is for people that have not just 5-10 pounds to loose…but for those that are stuck!
In fact, I had my very own review copy of 247 Proven “Leangevity” Secrets” and I’m legitimately surprised by how comprehensive the book is.
It includes just about EVERYTHING you could want to know about weight loss and longevity. That is why it was titled appropriately…Leangevity. 247Weight Loss Secrets is just to let you know that you won’t find this many science based tips anywhere else!
including a 3-phase process to your dream body, how to lose 30 pounds in your first 90 days, diet & exercise strategies of folks who live FIVE times longer than the average American, and the exact strategy Sayan followed to lose 76 pounds and keep it off over 5 years now!
Plus, you’ll get so many incredible nuggets of “leangevity”..including some of my personal favorites…
The ridiculous diet myth pushed by 95% of doctors AND “expert” bloggers that you MUST fix if you ever want to get, and maintain, your dream body (Page 14)
7 diet mistakes that cause chronic inflammation, clogged arteries and high BP — which ones are you making? (Page 26)
The “fuel tank” technique to knowing if carbs will keep you fat or make you fit (Pages 73-75)
5 reasons that 90% of dieters fail within their first 90 days (avoid these diet traps and you’ll be laughing all the way to a jaw-dropping body) (Pages 76-77)
Don’t put another carb in your mouth until you read page 123!
Learn how to avoid select carbs that force your gut into a dangerous, fat-storing “lock-and-key” scenario (this has NEVER been shared before)

What every woman MUST know to fast-track her results and get a shapely, cellulite-free body (Page 189)
The no-pill pain fix:  (Page 196-197)
And much, much more…
Would you like all these incredible fat loss & longevity benefits…handed to you for FREE?
Then you have to hurry! Only a limited number of copies have been printed, and this email is being sent to thousands of my readers.
Remember…if you are just slightly out of shape….then this might not be for you…but, if you are feeling that you are “really bad off” and you need some scientific information and an extensive comprehensive plan….
Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health,
Coach Dawn