Calories in Calories Out- The Myth

Posted: July 29, 2017

Exercise more and eat less. Calories in Calories out….the myth that we all still follow? Boy is that the one that got us fatter. If you look at how long ago that sentence came to be, then you might get why that doesn’t work.

We are in a different phase of wellness now, and we all know that counting calories does not work. Or…do we?

If you look around you, I am sure that you can agree, that most of us are obese, unhealthy, weak and getting worse.

Counting calories is still something that most women do. If they aren’t counting calories, they are counting points, steps, or fat. All wrong. All pointless.

We are loaded with not only extra pounds, but internal inflammation that is killing us, making us weaker, and aging us faster. We are still following old school methods to get us a NEW body and lease on life…but we are still getting it wrong.

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In the mean time. I urge you to watch this video by Dr. Mercola…then you decide what path you are on. The path to lifelong health and a slim and energized body? Or, a slow death, riddled with disease and weakness?



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Coach Dawn


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