Cancer – Prevent, Treat, Beat

Posted: October 10, 2017

Cancer. This horror has taken too many lives and fighting it is sometimes worse than the diagnosis. In The Truth About Cancer. Prevent, Treat, Beat is what their mission is. It’s about having options. When you hear the stories of survivors, and what they did to move on…you will feel better. Why will you feel better? Because it’s scary to be diagnosed and not know what to do next.

My father was diagnosed with Cancer. He was told by his doctor that he HAD to take a medication. When I researched the medication, I found out that the side effects were almost as bad as the cancer. We looked for and found options in the information that I learned last year in The Truth About Cancer. Doable tips. Questions to ask. Relief that we had choices.

The medical world is scary and full of lies. We deserve and should demand the truth.


What Ty Bollinger and his team of experts, healers, medical doctors and more have put together is simply groundbreaking.

If you missed this GLOBAL event that was live and FREE, it is not too late to sign up to be part of the healing.

Cancer, – Prevent, Treat, Beat. 

You do have choices, You can live and heal.


Please take advantage of this event so that together we can save lives and eradicate this horror from our lives.

Education is power, but ACTION is where lives are saved. CLICK HERE TO SAVE LIVES…MAYBE YOURS.

Coach Dawn