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Posted: August 29, 2017

Defeat Cancer? Or, be defeated. Cancer is one of those horrible words and diseases that has affected nearly every one of our lives. Chris Wark is Cancer free after being diagnosed 13 years ago with Stage IIIc colon cancer. Register for Defeat Cancer – Free Video Summit today, and watch the steps so that you can let go of fear.

No doubt about it, Cancer is one of the most terrifying pronouncements possible, and in the United States, over 4,600 people get this news every day.

But is all this fear really necessary?

For many, a cancer diagnosis feels a death sentence.

And if you believe the only options for treating cancer and healing your body are brutal therapies like surgery, radiation, and chemo, then your fear is legitimate. Because we’ve all seen these treatments fail to save people we care about…

But decades of research has shown that cancer has very specific causes, and that there are very specific methods that promote healing in the body while undergoing conventional treatment or in some cases instead of conventional treatment.

As my friend Chris puts it, “Cancer is a wake-up call.” (Not a death sentence!)

Chris got his own wake-up call in 2003, with an advanced cancer diagnosis just two days before Christmas. And he was only 26!

But then, Chris made the difficult decision to opt out of chemo. His logic…

“If my body created this, then maybe my body can heal it…”

Over 13 years later, Chris is alive and well, cancer-free, and in the best shape of his life.

So how exactly did he do it?

Chris has been asked this question thousands of times, and this year he created a program on healing and preventing cancer called SQUARE ONE.

This 10-part video program explains the exact step-by-step methods Chris used heal cancer, and that many others have used to heal as well.

Chris is on a mission to reach 1 million people in September with his message of hope and healing, and he’s putting all 10 video modules of his SQUARE ONE course online for FREE when you click here, starting September 12th.


It’s time to stop fearing disease, and start being proactive in how you look at options. Calm your mind and share this with loved ones.

The SQUARE ONE program will completely change how you think about cancer. It will replace whatever fears you have with hope, clarity, confidence and an action plan.

Sign up here to be notified when each of the 10 modules is available to watch. (The first video will be available September 12th.)

Please join me.

Together we can DEFEAT CANCER.