Grass Fed Additive Free Animal Products

Posted: January 14, 2018

We are what we eat. Wait! We are actually, what our food eats! Yep. If you eat conventionally raised animal flesh then you are eating antibiotics, hormones, GMO laden grains and all kinds of other things that your body doesn’t recognize. I choose to eat foods that support wellness and ward off inflammation and illness. That’s why I eat grass fed additive free animal products.

US WELLNESS has the tastiest, and inexpensive foods, that I have ever tasted. I have spent so much money on grass fed in the past. I have driven to the local farmer’s markets and paid top dollar and not been happy with the taste of the products. I have paid shipping and handling fees that were high and waited a week for my order.

I found my last stop. Grass Fed Additive Free Animal Products that taste amazing, have a flat rate shipping and packaging fee of $7.50 no matter how much you order…and are shipped in 48 hours!


The steaks and chicken were stellar, the bison and ground beef delectable. I am done with Whole Foods, and driving, and all of the things that I am too busy for.

I want food that I can trust. A US company. And, a price that I can continue to afford as I eat foods that support my family’s wellness.

CLICK ON >>>US WELLNESS MEATS and get everything from poultry and organ meats to bone broths, butter and beef and more!

Eat foods that support what you want to feel like, move like and look like as you age with vitality and ward off illness.

Coach Dawn