How to Have Vitality & Energy

Posted: February 23, 2017

If granted one wish, most women say that they wish they had more energy. From stress. to households of chaos, to jobs and health, most women are in a constant state of fatigue. In this post I will give you a simple plan of action on How to Have More Vitality & Energy, so that you can feel youthful, vibrant and strong and stop relying on coffee as your savior!

Age has little to do with how energized or alive you feel. There is the state of your mind and the state of your health, Everything else is an outside force that you cannot change. So, in order to know how to have more energy…we have to start with how you think.

My tips below will help you steer your mind into the right place, and then get your body to follow. The only way we can see a positive outcome. is to believe that it is possible first.

We are free people that are lucky to be able to make choices about how we live. An energized and vibrant life is the sum of all of its parts. Unfortunately we get into a rut and don’t know how to change, or we try faddish trends instead of making lifestyle changes that last.

Here are a few do-able steps to a more balanced and energized life. Forget huge goals for now. Let’s start with replacing some bad habits with some good ones…and let’s do this on a weekly basis.

Each week you will try to get through one week with cutting out a single bad habit first, for a day…then a full week, (and replacing it with a good one!) This isn’t about the negative, or what ¬†you cannot have or cannot do…it’s about looking forward to ¬†REPLACING bad habits…with good ones.

One of the reasons people fail at goals is that they are too vague, or too hard. If you try to do everything at once you will just get stressed out and MORE tired.

A good example could be that you want to cut out sugar since you know that it is an energy zapper. So, an example will be this Monday, you will start with eliminating any packaged foods containing added sugar. (this means fake sugars too!) Grocery list for single ingredient foods like meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fruit and drink lots of water. If you eat enough of the RIGHT things….your body won’t crave the WRONG things.

Do your best to do this for a week. As each day is marked off…you will see that you feel better, and will start to have more energy. This is a great place to start.


Another great example could be that you go too bed late, and stay on electronic devices.

If you do not shut off your electronic devices at least 45 minutes before you hit the sack…your brain will stay “tuned in” and not ready for slumber. So with this habit, you will turn off tech stuff and grab a magazine, or paper.

It’s ok to get into bed with a real book, just make sure you get into bed early…so that your body can get ready to wind down.

If you are someone that hits the snooze button over and over. Give yourself permission tonight to hit it ONLY ONE TIME in the morning. Tell yourself that hitting that button sets the tone for the day…so PLAN to get up when the alarm goes off. Then keep on repeating this habit. Again, if you are getting enough sleep and going to bed early and without tech devices….you’ll feel more rested when your alarm goes off, ready for the day!



Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health,

Coach Dawn

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