Losing Weight Losing Belly Fat

Posted: May 24, 2017

Belly fat is something that most of us experience after 40. From hormones to Menopause, what used to work doesn’t seem to make any difference any more. Losing weight and losing belly fat are not the same.

Belly fat is usually an accumulation of inflammation and toxins that make the belly bloated and larger. What started out to be the fat just under the surface (subcutaneous fat) has not spread to other parts of the body and is now hidden. This is the deadly fat that surrounds our organs called visceral fat.

From high blood pressure, to diabetes, hormone imbalances and depression…losing belly fat has to be a priority.

The idea that cutting calories and skipping meals is an outdated way to get rid of excess weight. It is not just “calories in, calories out”. There is a safe and specific way to rid your body of excess weight, and it starts with detoxifying the body of chemicals and additives that are in nearly every food we eat.

A plan that starts with a safe kickstart type of a cleanse, that is followed up with a meal plan loaded with lean proteins and lots of fresh and organic produce and healthy fats is the best way to start. This “detox” paves the way for the metabolic rate to do it’s job and keep the body running smoothly.

From digestion to elimination, when even the smallest imbalance is going on…the rest of the body has to work overtime.

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So that you can be the woman that walks around energized and with confidence!

Coach Dawn

P.s. Cardio and trendy diets may actually cause your body to age quicker and make belly fat harder to get rid of…use the plan that thousands of women