Menopause Weight Loss Plan

Posted: October 31, 2017

Menopause is often blamed on belly fat, lethargy and brain fog. As a woman approaches the age where some things thankfully stop…others seem to take their place. Women are “slaves” to their hormones as they age, and most of them are not aware that you can have some degree of power over a lot of hormonal imbalances. This is exactly what lead me to create my Menopause weight loss plan.

Don’t think that if you’ve been fit your whole life, that you won’t experience some degree of issues. Just the same holds true if you have never been able to control your eating habits and have tried diets. Menopause bellyfat seems to creep up, even when you seemingly are doing things right.

Not only did I suffer from weight gain BEFORE I hit menopause. I also did everything wrong when I tried to get rid of the excess flab that seemed to settle on the worst spots. Certain exercises are much more beneficial than others when it comes to hormones and menopause belly fat.

I used to battle weight gain, lethargy and was flabby.

Now, I have spent the last 20 years feeling, looking and moving better than ever. I created a Menopause Weight Loss Plan that does not revolve around starving, cardio, and hours in a gym. That is precisely what I used to do. I lived on diet foods and fake soda’s, did hours of cardio EVEN when I was exhausted…and put my body into near adrenal failure.

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With thousands of women using my simple program now, I create nutrition guidelines that are not only simple, but you will be amazed when you see the hundreds of foods that you thought were off limits. Not only do the exercises create lean muscle tissue…the foods keep you energized, and nourished so that you can balance your hormones and ward off weight gain for life.


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Coach Dawn