Minimizing Scars after Surgery

Posted: October 7, 2019

Minimizing scars after surgery is not something people think much about.

Usually, when surgery is pending, we are worried about the anesthesia, the procedure itself, whether we’ll have pain or our recovery time.

However, the minute those bandages are removed…another thought usually comes to mind.

It has recently for me, as I had arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder, and have 4 red small incisions that are shiny and puckering.

Of course, most men would just see them as a “battle wound” as my husband put it. Not me. I want them to be invisible and smooth like my skin was before.


There are creams and gels, silicone strips and lasers. Depending on where your scar is, how new it is, and your budget…there are many options.

You may have had elective plastic surgery as a breast augmentation. Or, you may have been in an accident. It doesn’t matter how small or large, or how you got the scar. It’s great to know you have options to minimize scars.

Some skin types can have raised scars, and some may have red or puckering scars. All bodies heal differently.

Skin is an amazing organ. One that is the largest organ in (or on) your body. Our skin can be healthy or weak, old-looking or supple.

However, we can treat our skin with oils, serums and now technology that will improve how it heals, and how it looks.

Click here to see how to care for your skin and minimize scars after surgery.

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