Is Your Meat Making you Sick?

Posted: December 22, 2017

Is your Meat Making you Sick? Do you realize that you eat what your meat eats? If your animal protein comes from conventional animals, it is toxic.

From hormone injections to make the animals bigger, to antibiotics to keep them from getting sick due to crowded conditions, our meats are basically poisoning us.


So what can we do to prevent our bodies from ingesting these poisons that cause inflammation, disease, chronic pain, and antibiotic resistance? Not to mention hormonal issues and other illnesses associated with ingesting toxins?

Grass fed, pasture raised meat, animal products and foods is the ONLY way to eat. I know. If you are like me, then you say “too expensive, and too hard to find”. Not anymore! I found the most tastiest, inexpensive family-owned farm that will send you the meats and products at such an unbelievable price, I thought it was a misprint!



Invest in your family and your future so that you can live long and strong, in a body free from disease.