Will Eating Fat Make Me Fat?

Posted: September 3, 2019

It’s hard to believe that since most women used to cut fat out of their diets…that now we find that lead to weight gain. I get asked daily, “Will eating fat, make me fat?”.



The truth about fats seems to change per decade. I understand if you are confused because I was too a while back.

I also used to eat low-fat and exercise for hours. I ate whole wheat bread and tuna with low-fat mayo and kept gaining weight. I spent years trying to lose weight like most women and was miserable.

The truth: there are so many factors that affect our health. There is so much more to learn than what we’ve been taught.

That’s why we are still confused and asking Will eating fats make me fat?

It’s not only about what you are eating, but how often you are eating, the nutrient density of your food and your metabolic flexibility. These factors in addition to hormone sensitivity, your ability to burn fat, gut health, toxicity levels, and even emotional trauma.

Add more details like insulin sensitivity, stress levels, movement, sleep quality, resting your digestion, and so much more.

No wonder we are perplexed!

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  • Episode 3: Emotional Traumas, Why Vegetable Oils are Toxic, Medical Breakthroughs in Cancer
  • Episode 4: Autophagy, The Importance of Sleep and Gut Health
  • Episode 5: Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, Diabetes, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
  • Episode 6: How the Gut Microbiome and Detox is Critical for Health
  • Episode 7: The Power of Good Fats and the Dangers of Bad Fats
  • Episode 8: The importance of Sleep, Circadian Rhythm, How to Exercise the Right Way
  • Episode 9: The Incredible Power of Bone Broth for Health, Burning Fat, Looking Younger and Feeling Amazing

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Coach Dawn

P.s. See you shopping for skinny jeans and tucked in shirts soon!