10 Minute Workout

Posted: April 9, 2016

Want a 10 Minute Workout that strips away fat at any age?

The most impressive thing is when someone who is 40, 50 or even 60 and can still move like a 20 year old. 
The confidence they walk around with is apparent. They have great posture and a firm core. Tight buns and move with ease.
What if that could be you? 
Now stop right there with the thought that “those days are behind you,” for they are surely not!
After all, no matter how slim, lean and fit you are when you’re younger, what point is there if it doesn’t help you live a higher quality of life when you’re older, right?
What’s even worse is that most people assume that you need these “new age” EXPLOSIVE exercises! Moves like box jumps, weighted sit-ups, and clapping pushups in order to burn fat and build lean useful muscle. However…that’s not what you need at all!
You might be surprised that the longevity secret behind some of the world’s best bodies over 40, 50 and 60+ are NOT using these explosive exercises.
What is working for these people is simple movement patterns that you can do at home. In 10 Minutes. That don’t harm joints or cause extreme fatigue. 
Instead… they use exercises that give you all the benefits of these high intensity workouts, without the extreme impact on your joints.
And the best part is…it will take you as little as 10 minutes.
Fast results without the pain. Geared towards a body that wants change, but doesn’t want to risk the injuries or end up in physical therapy. 
Workouts that reshape and tone, while brining back the confidence you had when you were in your youth.
Your friend and coach,
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