3 Best Core Exercises….not what you think!

Posted: March 19, 2015

Hey fitness fans!
I hope the new year is finding you energized and lean…
Sitting at a desk, or in a chair, or on a couch is horrible for you posture, your spine and your core. Some even say, “sitting is the new smoking”. WOW!
I’ll bet you are sitting up straighter and sucking in that belly as we speak right?
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For some reason, people STILL think that sit ups or the ol crunches are the way to get lean, or have a tight and strong abdomen. It just isn’t so! 
Here are 3 of the best ways to get your midsection stronger, so that when you follow the plan of eating your favorite foods using the plan in Final Fat Meltdown, you will have to tighten your belt instead of loosening it!
1. The Plank  The plank is a move that can be done as a beginner on your hands or on your elbows as you get stronger. The most advanced moves are done on your side. 
Starting on your hands and knees on the floor, directly align your shoulders above your fingertips.
Arms are locked out as if you are pushing the ground away from you.
Straighten out your legs so that you are on your toes and pull your hips up so that you are parallel to the floor on a slight angle. Like a plank.
Pull your belly button up towards your spine and keep your entire body rigid.
Hold for a count of 15-30 and gradually keep adding 15 seconds. 
2. Controlled Push Ups – Yeah, I know. Those are known for strengthening the chest. However, in order to execute a perfect push up, you need to have your core engaged. Forget starting on your knees.
Start in a plank position and slowly lower yourself with control until you get to about 2-3 ” from the ground. Hold your core, and your glutes as tight as possible while you try to resist actually touching the ground.
Keep working on this until you can hold for the count of 10 and then push your self right back up, then slowly down again. 
This is a magnificent way to force the abdominals to do some intense work!
3. Walking lunges while holding a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell on one side.
I know an exercise that is done to strengthen the legs and glutes.
But think about it.
If you are holding a heavy object on ONE side of your body while doing lunges, gravity would naturally pull you to the side with the weight towards the floor.
How do you prevent tipping over to the side with the weight?
You got it! Contract your abdominals, especially your obliques as you struggle to keep your spine straight. 
Shoulders back. Hips forward. Lunge 10 steps on each side. Then back to the starting point holding the weight on the opposite side.
These 3 exercises are a stellar way to get the strongest core and an injury free back. Practice these every other day as you would any strength training exercise. 
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