3 Steps to NOT Gaining Weight this Summer (and still having fun!)

Posted: May 30, 2016

3 Steps to Not Gain Weight. Beer, Festivals, Bar- B-Q”s  and Ice Cream…what does that spell??? BELLY FAT! (ugh!!)

Well, it also invokes images of fun, family, days off and longer days!

I agree that it’s hard to “always” eat right and as a social butterfly myself that loves to party…

Here are my 3 biggest and easiest warm weather tips to keep your belly flatter and prevent added weight gain when you want to look your leanest! Basically, 3 Steps to NOT gain weight!

1. Make your plate consist of mainly lean protein, fruits and veggies!

Summer and warm weather brings us the perfect time to grill up some fish, chicken or juicy steaks! Throw on some pineapple and some red and green peppers for a tasty and nutrition grilled treat that keeps your belly flat and your metabolism running on high!

2. (this is MY favorite trick) I’m not going to lie. I like to have a cocktail or two on a warm night surrounded by friends, but I don’t want it to show in my belly or when I want to slip into my bikini! So, what do I drink?

Vodka and Club Soda with the juice of  1/2 of a lime.

Tequila and Soda, splash of sour mix (best of the establishment makes it themselves!), topped off with Club Soda and a lime (this is a tasty alternative to a sugary syrupy Margarita….)

3. Start your day off with a 7-10 minute dose of exercise BEFORE the day gets in the way…besides, it’s been proven that people that exercise in the morning are leaner and fitter!

That’s it for today (on Memorial Day as I get ready to grill up some huge steaks, mushrooms and shrimp and make a massive salad!)

Never forget out troops and those that have served! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!

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