3 Ways to Lose Fat Faster

Posted: January 26, 2022

Feel like you’re back in the same place every New Year? You have great intentions of tightening up your diet and exercising. But, why does your body stay stuck? And, why is there so much conflicting information on eating, and how to workout? Here are 3 ways to lose fat faster, that will help you get to your goals starting today!

It isn’t your fault that every few years, we are told to eat differently. Or, that what we did before, is now shown to not work. I get that you’re frustrated…and after 20+ years in the industry, I even have to do a LOT of digging.

One thing will never change and that is that our bodies demand change. They also need a little “nudge” every so often to kickstart out metabolism with something new.

Click here to read an article from my resident Registered Dietitian, and see what changes you can make starting today that will help.

Forget hours of cardio, and starvation. Those old-school techniques may actually be sabotaging your goals, especially if you are female!

Be smart when you think about what will not only be doable, but what will last for the long haul. Don’t keep trying a new trend every couple of weeks. Stick to a plan, and watch small actions that you take, turn into a body that looks and feels amazing.

In a perfect world, we’d get all we need from foods to give us energy, help us lose fat, and live long and strong. However, if you’re smart like me… then you know that eating right and exercising is only PART of the equation.

Go to this PAGE HERE and start using 3 ways to lose fat faster that make a difference so that your body starts to adapt, and you look and feel amazing by Springtime!

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Coach Dawn

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