5 Simple Steps to Flatter Abs

Posted: October 12, 2013

5 Simple steps to flatter abs is not too good to be true. Forget the hundreds of sit ups, and crunches. What you need to do is add couple of things, and take away a few as well. The abs are a group of muscles that are complex and used every day. What you need to do is get rid of the layer of fat, while you are building and strengthening your core. Let’s not even get as detailed as upper or lower abdominals. Lets just worry about 5 simple steps, and see how much flatter your belly can be.

1. Take a probiotic supplement every am with a full glass of water with the juice of half a lemon.

Digestion is key in everything related to your belly. Lemon water is an old remedy to get the digestion in an alkaline state, which is best for the entire system. As far as the probiotic, we want to keep the good bacteria in, and flush out the bad. Gut health is not only key in overall health and wellness, but can make a difference in if you are bloated or not.

2. Cut out carbonated beverages. Yep, that would be beer as well! Anything with bubbles will make you bloated. Anything with sugary simple carbs AND carbonation will be even worse.

3. Avoid packaged or fast foods. The amount of salt, not to mention the extra fat and calories is outrageous in a single serving. These foods are so loaded with additives that your body will never digest them properly. They will only be stored as fat, and guess where…yup, your belly!

4. Burn calories with intense exercise. No, not walking, or sitting on a machine doing mindless repetitions. Speed it up and intensify the session. That does not mean to make it a longer one. Fat and calories will be burned for hours after a session of kettlebells, sprints, jumping rope, or circuit style weight training research has shown, for up to 48 hours. The key is to be spent (completely fatigued) in a 20 minute session.

5. To strengthen the entire core? Planks. Planking on hands, elbows, side planks, and any different way you can find. Go on the internet on either You Tube, or Google Images for ways to plank. This exercise is great and can be added into all exercise sessions. Use a second hand timer, and keep adding time to your planks. Keep head neutral, and belly button sucked into your spine while in a plank position. This will also give you stability, and keep you walking taller and upright. That alone pulls in your belly and makes it “appear” to be flatter!

Here you have 5 Simple steps to flatter abs. These steps are the “core” of flat abs. Add these in daily, and within weeks you will wonder why you spent so many useless minutes doing sit ups!

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