7 Day Restoration Plan

Posted: December 28, 2016

Accelerated aging is brought on by many factors. From too much sugar internally, to too much sun on our skin that causes wrinkles…we age from the inside out. Unfortunately, most of us are not in tune with our insides and don’t know the key to slowing down the aging process. I have created a 7 Day Restoration Plan so that you can kickstart your healing, weight loss plan, AND energize your body, starting today!

Detoxification means a lot of different things to people. Restoring on the other hand can combine the safest method of cleansing while you add in the right combination of practices that kickstart a stalled metabolic rate!

It can mean fasting for days, or sweating out impurities. It can mean eating vegetables and green drinks to meditation and massage.

What should matter most is that you feel great doing it…not tired, running to the bathroom and with a headache. Now don’t get me wrong, depending on how toxic you are, is how you will feel with ANY type of restoration plan. But if you goal is to lose belly fat, increase your metabolic rate and balance hormones, then watch out for certain detoxes as they can do more harm than good!

I have been in the fitness, fat loss, and energizing lifestyle as a coach for over 20 years. I have seen the mistakes people make, and why other plans fail, and why people go back to feeling horrible.

For a simple 7 Day Restoration Plan that will banish your belly discomfort, and energize you in a week…



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Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health, wellness and strength in a lean and sexy body at any age!

Coach Dawn

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