7 Days to a Healthier Happier YOU!

Posted: June 4, 2019

7 Days to a healthier happier you is a series of adding in daily steps that add up to mega benefits! Benefits of feeling, moving and then looking better than ever!

Want to be the girl that’s energized, slim and smiling? Of course you do! That’s why in as little as a week, you can take my steps and see that 7 Days to a healthier AND happier you is all you need.

Day 1.  Drink 8 glasses of water, starting tomorrow. Count them and tally them up as you go. Don’t go to bed until the last of 8 has been finished.

Day 2. Add 2 vegetables todayAdd some spinach to a smoothie…or some peppers to an omelet.

Day 3. Do something to activate your muscles in your rear end. Your entire body is only as strong as your posterior chain…or..you butt. If you have a weak butt, you’ll be more likely to fall or have back pain. Practice getting up and down out of a low chair without using your arms.

Day 4. Practice deep breathing before you eat. Simply take 3 deep inhales, and exhale mindfully 3 times before you “dig in”.People eat too fast and are always in a rush. Slow down, and enjoy what you are eating.

Day 5. Stretch. When you get up in the morning, before getting out of bed, take a deep breath…then reach up to the sky, then clasp your hands behind your back and open up your chest…then slowly get out of bed and plan on having a glorious day.

Day 6. Get outdoors and take in some sunshine. Gut health, brain power, and happiness come from sunshine and nature. Take a walk early, or plan on one after dinner. Our bodies crave movement and sunshine. Plan on getting more of both.

Day 7. Shop and prep for the week ahead. One day a week should be set up for meal prepping for the week ahead. That way you won’t stop by at a drive through or order a pizza. Chop up veggies, grill some meat, or freeze some berries and spinach for the morning smoothie. Planning healthy meals makes you more apt to stick to healthy eating.

NOW…ADD ALL OF THESE TOGETHER AS YOU MOVE ON TO THE NEXT WEEK. The idea is to mindfully take action on the future of your body, your happiness, and your life. 

Practice not only makes perfect but as they say in Dale Carnegie “PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT” So print this out and start your week now. Then get ready to look in the mirror in a couple of weeks and say “I planned this body, and it feels and looks great!”

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