7 Fat Loss Foods for Super Energy

Posted: November 1, 2017

Fat loss and weight loss usually don’t go with super energy. Most diets have you feeling deprived, miserable and set you up for binging. Fat loss foods are usually loaded with chemicals the KEEP you fat and miserable.

I know. I tried them all when I was in my 30’s and ended up flabby, with adrenal fatigue and hormone issues. Now, people guess me to be 15 years younger, and I feel like I am 27. How? Because I eat daily, 10 Fat loss foods for super energy.

Most women (and some men) see food as the “enemy”. They count calories. Then try to burn them off while looking at those fancy wristwatch calorie counters. They get up every morning and weigh themselves….super excited if they are down a pound or two. Unfortunately, the scale does not show you what is important. It doesn’t show you how much fat or muscle you have. How strong you are. What you ate the day before. Or, how well you sleep and handle stress. Therefore the scale is a useless tool.

Food is your best tool in the quest for an energized and lean, sexy and vital body and life.

Today, go shopping. Add these fat loss foods into your life and I urge you to stay off of the scale and stop counting calories. These foods will keep you lean, energized and healthy.


  1. Eggs – Eggs are loaded with protein and vitamins. Protein keeps you full and feeds and repairs lean muscle tissue.
  2. Chia seeds – loaded with Omega 3’s (the healthy fat) these have fiber and will keep you full. Add to smoothies, and sprinkle on yogurt.
  3. Chicken – Free range chicken is a lower fat, higher protein choice of animal protein that can be grilled, baked, and stir-fried. This lean source of protein should be a staple in any fat loss plan.
  4. Kefir – This drinkable yogurt is a high protein source of probiotics that keep your good belly bugs in check. Digestion is key in fat loss, and this is a great addition to smoothies. Blend with fresh fruit for a healthy snack.
  5. Raw Almonds – Great source of fiber, protein, healthy fats and minerals. These raw nuts are great for snacking and can be taken anywhere.
  6. Grass-fed beef – High in protein, lean and tasty. This animal source of fuel keeps you full and wards off belly fat. Grass-fed animals have higher sources of healthy omegas than conventional meats without the added hormones and antibiotics that can harm your overall health.
  7. Organic Produce. – Want to see the pounds drop and your fullness raise? Add fiber-rich organic produce to every meal. Add sauteed spinach, peppers, onions and tomatoes to an omelet for a filling, belly-friendly meal. Sautee up some detoxifying asparagus and brussels sprouts in olive oil and garlic for a side dish and put more of these on your plate than animal protein.

For a grocery list loaded with recipes to keep you full and not flabby, so that you can feel, look and move better as you age….CLICK HERE.


Coach Dawn

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