7 Minute Workout Secret – Short workouts

Posted: October 12, 2018

An ageless body is what most women want. One that defies the number on her cake, and makes her feel vital. Muscle is the key to a firm and tight body. Short workouts have been proven to deliver as many if not more benefits than long exercise sessions. In my 7 Minute Workout Secret, you’ll find the key to turn back the clock in under 10 minutes daily.

I used to exercise for hours. I’d do at least an hour of cardio and then starve for the rest of the day. I got flabbier and more exhausted. I ate less and exercised more.

One day I was in my usual aerobic class and saw the body that I wished was mine. A lean and curvy, sculpted body on a woman that was our class sub. I asked her how many hours a day she did aerobics and she laughed at me! She said that she was “just the sub” and actually never did cardio!

I was dumbfounded. However, she was ahead of her time, but at the right time for me. After a long conversation about what most women do wrong, I decided to start lifting weights and stop “running my ass off”. Obviously what I was doing was not changing my body.

I had to change my mind first and recognize that what I was trying for years…simply did not work. Short workouts that target the right muscles were the key to changing my shape!

Sure, it took me a bit to change my mind, but my body soon followed. I went from hours of exercise weekly to just a few sessions per week. Not only lessened the number of days, but I completely cut the amount of time.

I went from 7 days of exercise weekly to less than 10 minutes daily! Back in the day, I only did cardio and had zero strength. Now, I am strong, have incredible balance and am energized like never before!

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Coach Dawn


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