7 Steps to Increased Energy

Posted: July 7, 2013

Energy is one thing most of us wish we had more of. From proper nutrition, to nutrient timing, to enough sleep. We all can learn how to increase our energy levels. Most Americans have it all wrong. We wake with no time for food, but have time to drive thru the Starbucks window for a sugary coffee. We go to bed too late, watching TV or on our computers, and eat our biggest meal at the end of the day. We skip meals in the quest for a better body, and don’t even take a vitamin supplement. Too much sugar, not enough nutrient dense foods, intense workouts with no pre or post workout meal…on top of that and we are dying of thirst. It is no wonder we are constantly exhausted!

Here are 7 easy steps to add to your life that will make a difference in your energy levels, simple and easy to follow if you add even one. Add all 10, and you will feel amazing.

1. Drink more water.

If you are active, it is hot or humid, or you sweat a lot, drink a lot more. Even a slight percentage of missing hydration can wreak havoc on every system in your body.

2. Get more sleep.

Stop saying that you don’t need that much. Go to bed earlier, and feel refreshed when you get up. Your body repairs and rebuilds itself when you are sleeping, not when you are in the gym.

3. Eat breakfast.

Forget any excuse that you don’t have time, hate breakfast foods, or don’t feel like it. Eggs, shakes, yogurt, oats, tons of options. Make it a priority. Your body and brain need fuel to function. Can you drive your car on empty?

4. Plan meals around what you will be doing next.

Sitting at a desk? Eat protein and some healthy fats. Working out or have an active job? Eat protein with carbs and some healthy fats. Turkey sandwich with avocado, chicken breast on whole wheat pita with some grilled veggies. Sitting in front of the TV? Protein and some veggies.

5. Supplement with probiotics.

Optimal health starts in your gut. If you are not absorbing even the healthiest diet, you will not be in the best health possible. Everyone can benefit from probiotics. Go for at least a strain that has 30 Billion living active strains. The ones that are living are found in the refrigerated section of health food stores. Energy levels come from proper digestion of nutrients.

6. Get fresh air and sunshine.

Pure air, vitamin D, and deep breaths. One of the most energizing feelings you can have. Open your windows. Get outside.

7. Get moving.

Sitting for long periods of time make you more lethargic. Exercise gets blood flowing, heart pumping, and all systems moving. Exercise is a proven anti-depressant, enhances your sex life, and keeps you strong.

These are simple things that maybe you are overlooking. Energy is something that we all deserve. Give your body to what it needs and it will reward you with a lifetime of energy, and optimal health.

In health and strength,


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