8 New Uses for Injectables

Posted: March 26, 2019

Injectables as in Botox, and fillers are seen on nearly every face in Hollywood. However, there are uses that you may not know about that have more to do than with beauty! Check out 8 New Uses for Injectables in this new article here.

As one of the greatest medical and cosmetic tools in at least the last 2 decades, injectables have become a “go-to” for doctors and patients.

Of course we have all seen the women on TV that have overdone fillers. We have also seen the faces that don’t move and are expressionless no matter the feeling they are trying to convey.

What many people are not aware of is that injectables have a much wider array of uses that you don’t hear about. CLICK HERE TO BE IN THE KNOW!

Years ago, I had a client who’s husband had a stroke. He could not shave himself because his hand was clenched into a fist. With the help of botox, his hands relaxed enough to grip a razor and his life was changed.

Perhaps you clench your teeth and have headaches. Maybe you have a little cellulite on your rear that creates some large dimples? What about chronic sweating? Botox can be used for all of those!

As a woman in the beauty and health industry, I know that we not only want to FEEL great, we want to LOOK great. So be sure to do your homework and follow those that don’t just sell products, but educate you on what to do with them.

Superfoods and exercise, sunblock and water are great anti-agers, but we might get to a point where we need a little extra. From anti-aging powerful serums, to a trip to the plastic surgeon. Be sure to do your research before you write your check.

Wising you a long and strong life, in a body that defies aging!
Coach Dawn

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