Alkaline vs. Acidity in the Body

Posted: March 1, 2013

Alkaline versus acidity. The body is a very complex, very detailed living being. Between external factors like stress and diet, versus internal factors like blood and oxygen, a constant state of balance is being fought. The American diet consists of foods that contribute to an acidic state. An acidic state is not healthy. It has been proven that diseases and cancers thrive in an acidic environment. There are books about overcoming cancer and books about immunity that are all geared towards how to achieve an optimal pH balance in your system. The key word for me is usually balance.  Doctors concerned with Wellness want you to maintain a pH of between 6.4-6.6. The higher the pH, the more alkaline the body. I am actually striving to get mine towards 7.0. It has also been studied that the best way to achieve this state is to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Powdered greens and alkalinizing drops for water are now available. The optimal diet consists of 80% alkaline producing foods and 20% acid producing. We now know that people that follow a more alkaline diet have less trouble losing weight, are less apt to get osteoporosis, and have less incidence of cancer. With the common American diet, our body is in a constant state of battle, trying to lessen the blow of acidity. Our systems are overworked trying to buffer the acid producing foods that are so detrimental to our inner health. From energy levels, to sleep, to every action in the body, the internal pH matters.

Flesh foods, walnuts, ice cream, beer, processed flour, sugar and cheese are some of the most acid producing foods. Unfortunately, these are the foods that make up most of our diets. The least acid producing foods, are mineral water, onion, sweet potatoes, all fruits and vegetables, teas, oats, wild rice and certain oils as in coconut, pumpkin seed, olive and flax. The lowest acidic foods that we should keep in our diets are eggs, fish, venison, beans, honey, millet and brown rice, kasha and amaranth. This is just a basic guideline. I was quite surprised to find that walnuts fell into the highest of acid producing foods. I have to follow an alkaline diet because I am more prone to osteoporosis due to my stature, and heritage. I use pH test strips regularly to see how I am doing. Every morning when I am testing, I use pH strips that are placed in a cup with my first morning urine. The color that the strip changes shows my pH level. is the website to order the pH strips. When I get to my pH goal, I will test every week or so, to make sure I keep my body on the right track of internal pH balance. I also use alkaline water drops in my water daily. With baking soda being the most alkaline, I read a study done by a top nutritionist who was wondering whether alkaline drops were worth the money or not. His findings were the exact same as drinking baking soda mixed with water daily. Unfortunately he couldn’t stand the taste of baking soda, so opted for the alkaline water drops. I use Isagenix brand IsaWater drops. I add one pump to a few glasses of water daily. My pH levels have changed considerably since using this product! (you can order from my site at

However you chose to alter your pH, chose to start doing it now. Whether you use just fruits and vegetables, or decide to add in IsaWater drops, your body’s internal health depends on it. Chose to make this year the year that you take control of your health. When you keep the insides working in your body, what you will see on the outside will reflect just that. Educate yourself so that you chose wisely. Make mindful choices when eating, drinking and using your body. It is an amazing gift that needs a lot of love and understanding. Once you treat it with both, it will give you a long life of happiness!

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