Anti-Aging Stretches to Look Younger

Posted: February 27, 2017

Aging is synonymous with being stiff, rigid, and prone to injury. My friend Erin is a physical therapist that creates products for people that have a hard time moving. She uses simple moves, that anyone can do to insure a future of mobility, while taking back a youthful look. Click the link and see her Anti-Aging Stretches to Look Younger.

Why is it important that you remain flexible?

If you are still, you are more prone to falling. Falling is the number one reason that people over 50 end up with a lifetime debilitating injury. That to me is inexcusable…as I am 57 and have fallen a few times in the last few years. Only because of my “speedy” personality. I have slipped when getting out of the car, tripped on the steps and slid on some water in the kitchen. But, guess what. I got right back up and was only a tad embarrassed, and told myself to “slow down”. Quite the opposite of most.

Do you think that you could just jump right back up if you tripped or fell? Without injury? For that matter, do you not do things because you think that you might get hurt?

Humans are meant to move. We are meant to use our bodies in all of the movement patterns from forward to backward. Side to side. Reaching, pushing, bending, lifting and twisting. Since cardio and walking is what most people do to “be in shape”, I urge you to click on the link below and discover


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