Anti-Aging Workouts for Females over 40

Posted: August 30, 2016

Workouts can be for muscle building, for weight loss, for cardio or for adventure. But what if you are an over 40 female and don’t want any of those? What if you want to get stronger, but not injured. What if you have bad knees or are on medicine? All of those factors will determine if you are looking on a site for 20 somethings OR, for anti-aging workouts for females over 40.

I have a thyroid condition. An SI joint injury from past exercise, a hip injury and am busy as hell! BUT,  I still get in  short anti-aging workouts maybe 2-3 times per week to keep my functional strength. So, what is the difference between functional strength and regular weight training?

  1. Functional Strength is training to be able to bend, lift, twist, push, pull and reach for an object without getting hurt as you age. Maybe that is a glass on a shelf. Maybe a gallon of milk in the trunk.. Maybe a grandchild.
  2. Functional Strength is the ability to be flexible, strong and agile. Not just building up bulky muscles that are for show only.
  3. Functional Strength is to be able to take care of yourself as you age…preventing falls. Are you aware that if you are over 50 that a fall is the most common way that you will end up in rehab, or debilitated for life?!

I am over 50. Jeez. I am over 55! AND, I have no intention of falling. Well, if I fall, I plan on getting up with a bruised knee and maybe being  a bit embarrassed,…walking away from the site hoping that no-one will have seen me!

So, what do you do to anti-age your body with workouts if you are over 40?

Squat into a chair unassisted. Then try it on one leg. Then the other. Then do it quickly without touching your arms on the chair sides.

Do Step ups onto a step, a bench, a pillow, These moves actually not only use your leg muscles, but engage your core so that you don’t “tip” over. (that is how we fall)

Hold a plank position on hands, For 30 seconds. Then on elbows for 30 seconds. Then on hands while touching your knee to the same elbow. Yep. Core strength at it’s finest AND focus, balance and determination.

If you are not involved in a plan to get stronger and you are over 35….then you are already in a plan to get weaker.

Get strong. Live long.

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