Posted: May 18, 2012

Arsenic, lead, and a host of other heavy metal toxins are in your protein powder. Yep, pretty much every protein powder tested has come up to show toxic amounts. I was alerted about this scare by my brother. I of course got right on the internet, and searched in many places for this information. Every place I looked, showed the same horrible findings. If you are like me, (and I know you must be since you are reading this), then you want to be in charge of your health, and your body. Well, then educate yourself, and know what you are ingesting. Do you know that in the last 5 years, over 15 companies have had their protein powders tested, and every one of them came up with higher than average amounts of toxic heavy metals in them!!! Let me give you the scoop.

Yes, there are toxins in almost everything. Yes, there are small amounts of heavy metals in lots of healthy foods that we ingest. These toxins are in the water, in the soil, and in the air. This is why it is OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE that we limit how much of these toxins we LET into our systems. Yes, you can control this to a certain degree.

The USP (United States Pharacopeial Convention) has set limits of how much of these toxins are acceptable, and how much can put you at risk. Consumer Reports have shown that nearly every “top” protein powder tested, were either right at the highest limit, or slightly under for what is “allowed”. Dr Robert Wright, M.D.  of Harvard Medical School states” It is inevitable that we will ingest small amounts of heavy toxic metals over the course of our lifetime that are over the limit. By being simultaneously overexposed we set ourselves up for future health problems, since these heavy metals attack organs.”. Out of the top 275 known toxic metals stated by the Environmental Cancer Center, the top three are Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury! Is that what you want to ingest two times daily??  Why drink something often, that will wreak havoc on our organs later on? Why is this important to weight trainers, bodybuilders, and people that drink protein shakes daily? Because we want to be the strongest, fittest, and the healthiest that we can be, and we want this to last our lifetime!

We want a product with a full amino acid profile, that keeps our body in a positive nitrogen balance. Nitrogen retention is the only thing that matters if you are trying to build, or keep hard earned muscle tissue. If we know that we will ingest some of these toxins even if we follow “healthy, clean” diets, then we should demand options. Well, we have them.

SUN WARRIOR Products are FREE from ANYTHING toxic. SUN WARRIOR Products are Raw, plant based proteins. They are lactose free, non GMO, soy and dairy free, and hypo allergenic. One serving contains 16 grams of protein, with a complete amino acid profile! (if you need more protein per serving, use two scoops)It comes in Natural, Chocolate, and my favorite, Vanilla. They taste amazing! Even toddlers can drink this!

If you care about your health, your body, how you build muscles and how to keep them for life…..

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