Belly Slimming Detox Plan for Women

Posted: December 31, 2016

With the New Year upon us, most of us are planning on change. Changing bad health habits into good ones, getting out of debt, and slimming down. With weight gain as one of the biggest issues of women over 40, a belly slimming detox plan for women is key.

From hormones, to toxins, sugar and processed foods, our bellies are expanding and we need to lose fat and get energized. It might have started as a little pouch that made us uncomfortable, but now is a health problem getting worse. I guarantee that you have lost weight more than one time in your life, but unfortunately, it has found you again!

Many women have tried cleanses, only to have to run to the bathroom ever few hours, or to end up with a headache and wanting to binge on sugar. What is a woman with a bloated belly to do?

I have a few tips that will make you feel better in less than a week, and a plan that will take you into the New Year with not only a flatter belly, but with more energy and a positive look on the next year! I have coached women into dropping 2 sizes in 6 weeks without much effort (YES, REALLY!) while eating more than you can imagine. However, besides getting into smaller sizes, the biggest fan mail comes from women and their newly reclaimed energy levels!

When I did a survey a year ago, the outcome was devastating!

More than losing weight.

More than having more time or money.

Was the need for MORE ENERGY!

So for starters, enter your email at the top of this post for your SPECIAL FREE REPORT that will be delivered to your inbox. (make sure to add my email to your contact list then too!) This is your 7 day plan to a flatter belly and more energy!

Next, click on the link below. With home workouts that sculpt your most common trouble spots and a meal plan (if you should desire) with energizing recipes of tasty superfoods that will rebalance hormones and kickstart your metabolic rate so that you feel youthful and revived within the first month of the year…


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Sharing ways for women to feel and look amazing at any age,

Coach Dawn

p.s. Why wait for Monday? Today is the day you deserve to slim that belly and feel amazing!

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