Beneficial Exercise Supplements

Posted: July 12, 2018

When it comes to exercise, recovery, and sport…there are beneficial supplements that can help you get to the top of your game. I have a saying in our gym. “Your next workout is only as good as the recovery from your last one”.

From fat burners to endurance, protein powders and pain remedies, the list of exercise supplements is mind-boggling! For years as a bodybuilder, I relied on post workout recovery supplements with creatine and L-Glutamine.

Years later I wanted an extra kick to boost my performance but found that all of the supplements had some form of a caffeine derivative that did not agree with my body. 

I have followed several medical and sports sites for years so that I can be at the cutting edge of knowledge when it comes to advising my followers. I know there are many schools of thought on what to do when it comes to exercise supplements.

Today I found an article that speaks specifically to endurance athletes. This was an article about the efficacy of B-Alanine in endurance athletes.
I was happy to see that this was one of the first studies done on this subject and the results were favorable. Favorable means that the supplement created a positive outcome. One that increased endurance without side effects.

To read this full article click HERE

Supplements have their place. Some are effective with little to no side effects as in L-Glutamine which is to preserve muscle tissue and help with recovery.

Creatine Monohydrate is still one of the most effectively used muscle builders amongst athletes and bodybuilders to this day. However, many experience bloating, and gas with abdominal discomfort.  I advise to start with a reputable brand with a single ingredient and start with 1-2 gms daily to see if your body can tolerate it. You can increase your dosage according to your goals and body weight.

Athletes seem to try everything when it comes to supplements. Very few things will ever be as important as the workout itself. The whole foods you eat for the energy to exercise and rebuild your body, and the necessary rest to recover from the workout itself.

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