Best Anti-Aging Advice on the Internet

Posted: June 3, 2019

Searching for tips, tools and “how-to’s” on the internet is daunting! There is a lot of crap out there, and anyone with zero hours in the field can give advice. You should only get the best anti-aging advice on the internet from someone that has decades in the field.

That person is me. Now I’m not getting all “ego” on you. I’m giving you a shortcut because I LOVE to do the legwork, and I have been in the field of coaching women for 20+ years.

I have been certified in fitness training and sports nutrition for over a decade and owned a gym with my husband for nearly 10 years.

I have also created (with years of research) several products so that you can get leaner, stronger, and have more energy with digital products at home.

Forget named diets that everyone else follows. You are an individual with personal needs. There is not one single diet that will work for everyone, all of the time, during all phases of their lives.

Hormones change. Needs change. Lifestyles change. That is all part of the aging process and I’m going to coach you to a long and strong life, in a body you love, at any and every age.

I coach my parents that are 82 and 83 and they work out in my gym with me 2 X weekly. They lift weights, push sleds, and swing kettlebells. We practice single sided moves, one leg get ups, single armed rows and all of the functional strength moves you need to navigate through the obstacle course of life!


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p.s. click here for an energizing list of superfoods!

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