Posted: November 25, 2012

Hi Fitness Enthusiast!

With the holidays here, as a fit person, the first thing on my mind is a workout that blasts calories. I know that I will indulge a bit more than usual, because even I can’t say “no” to everything. I make sure that either before, or after a day of extras, I wan’t my workout to torch extra calories. Even though you are pressed for time, don’t let that be a deterrent in the gym, or in your home workout. Below are a few tips that will make you not hate getting into those tight jeans come January 1st. Better to prevent that try to undo, eh?!

Work out using an interval timer. (Gym Boss brand timer is a great gift and addition to any serious training plan.) Set the timer for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. So you will wait 30 seconds after doing each exercise before going right into the next one. Try this workout below. No gym boss?  Most smart phones have timers.


Repeat this entire sequence using 30 on/30 off then take a 2 minute break.
Repeat 3 times.

Jumping Jacks
Body Weight Squats
Push ups
Sumo Squats
Push ups (if really good, explode up to a clap for every other push up!)
Body Weight Squats

Repeat 3 times. This workout will blast calories and burn fat for hours after you are done, preparing you for the extras on your plate!


Using the same plan as above. Using timed intervals of 30 on/30 off, do the following exercises using 10-20 pound free weights (unless otherwise stated). Choose according to your fitness level. Remember, this is a fast paced, calorie blasting workout. After each exercise rest only for 30 seconds while getting to the next station. Your heart rate will be flying! Set up a circuit in the corner of your gym, or do this at home.

Set timer, and GO!

Bent over rows
Stationary Alternating Lunges
Renegade Rows (Start in plank position with hands on free weights, pull up to a row alternating left then right)
Standing Alternating Shoulder Presses (can drop weight down for shoulders)

These workouts are meant to BLAST CALORIES. Not only will you fire up your metabolism while doing the exercises, you will keep the burn going for up to 48 hours after. Interval training builds muscular endurance, cardiovascular capacity, and burns fat. The best thing is that these workouts are done in under 30 minutes, and give you the most bang for the buck! No excuse that you have no time!

Enjoy the holidays, and better yet, enjoy how you look and feel AFTER them!

In health, strength, and happiness,


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