Boost Energy and Optimize Brain Power

Posted: April 14, 2020

Most people try to “get more energy” from caffeine. All that does is make you crash and burn. In order to boost energy and optimize brain power, you need a synergy of events.

Every cell in our bodies relies on a certain chain of events. Unfortunately with poor diets, toxins and the atrophy of cells, our bodies age fast.

There are daily practices that you can do to help ward off this cellular destruction. However, even a stellar diet, and an active brain needs a “boost” these days.


Our lives are “under attack” right now. With the Corona Virus changing our lives daily, we are overstressed.

Stress creates internal fatigue. You know the kind I’m talking about. The type of fatigue that hovers over you like a black cloud even after a good night’s sleep. Or, the fatigue that takes over your body, and your brain.

Energenesis is a breakthrough discovery, backed by science and studies.

If you are ready to protect your aging cells and restore body and brain power…read on.

As we age, our mitochondria shrink. As I mentioned above, with our overstressed lives, poor diets and lifestyles, we barely have a chance without help. An “energy blueprint” is critical these days!

Help can come from a complete overhaul of your life. Or, it can come by making small daily changes when you can, and adding in a trusted supplement.

In our home, while on lockdown, we have adapted new daily habits.

We do Yoga daily. At around 3 pm we take our dog for a walk to get in some fresh air and hopefully sunshine. I cook healthy meals loaded with nutrients. And we supplement with Energenesis to be sure we are boosting our mitochondria!

It’s tougher now than ever to keep our brains focused on family, and working from home. It may be even worse if you already had money issues, or suffered from the inability to focus.

I’d love for you to feel happy and be able to power through the day like I do.

Please be safe and optimistic. Do what you can to ward off brain and body related accelerated aging. Eat for energy and supplement to help your body in these times of struggle.

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong with minds and bodies that take us through life!


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