Burn 200% More Fat using Max F Training System

Posted: July 24, 2016

Hey, are you spending hours trying to burn fat? Are you ready to discover how to Burn 200% more fat with this Unique MAX-F Training System ?

What the heck is MAX-F Training?
MAX-F Training stands for Metabolic Accelerator Exercise Fusion.
The unique MAX-F Training System super-charges your metabolism through a fusion of specific exercises.

Scientific studies from around the world have proven that cardio will NOT get you the trim and toned body you desire.

For example, researchers at East Tennessee State University compared MAX-F style workouts against cardio… After a few short weeks of training, they found that the MAX-F style workout burned 200% more fat compared to long boring cardio workouts.

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PS. You know I am a science geek so I did a little digging myself and this is what I found…
A metabolism boosting study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiologyfound that the after-burn effect from MAX-F style workouts can last up to 38 hours post workout. This means your body is burning fat for 38 hours after you’ve finished working out.
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