Burns Calories While Sleeping

Posted: January 6, 2017

So…you are eager to know, what burns calories while sleeping aren’t you!?

And, would you be shocked to know that this consistently burns more calories than an hour long run and keeps on burning calories even when you are watching TV?!

So…what is it you ask excitedly?!

Firm. Youthful. Lean, muscle. Unfortunately, it’s also the one thing that women lack as they age, and is one of the biggest reasons for age related weight gain.

Instead of getting more energized and full of life, we are getting weaker, aging faster and gaining more weight.

We usually blame it on hormones, but it’s mainly due to a lack of activity, muscle loss, AND, poor dietary habits.

Most of the time those extra pounds land right on our most embarrassing trouble areas…our belly and our hips.

You know that term, “middle aged spread?”


So, how does a woman get leaner, and sculpt her body back to firm and tight? How does she raise a metabolism that has been “shut down” for years?

Research has shown that with even the slightest addition of lean muscle tissue, your body will increase the amount of calories it burns, even when you are doing nothing.

This is know in the fit body world, as the “afterburn effect.” (learn how to ignite yours here) This means that with even a 1% additional “tone” in your muscles, you will be burning calories while sitting at your desk, watching T.V., or even sleeping.

It’s time you get in on the “secret” that will change not only how you look, but how you feel for life.



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Coach Dawn


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