Candida, Belly Bloat, Inflammation!

Posted: September 2, 2016

Belly’s are a big topic these days. Ha! Pun intended. From crappy food choices, bad soil, pesticides, and conventional dairy, meat, and produce…our bodies are in a constant state of trying to get rid of toxins that set us up with issues with everything from candida, belly bloat, inflammation and worse.

If you are a female over 35 and are suddenly noticing that your belly is in constant turmoil, you are not alone.

I am 56 years old. I cannot believe how many people have food allergies, peanut allergies, belly bloat, leaky gut and all these things that are common words that we never heard of a few years back! I have a chronic issue with my thyroid that I have combated by changing my diet. NOT following a diet as in a calorie counting plan, but by eliminating certain foods that made everything from my hormones, to my thyroid to my adrenals not work right.

As women, we experience so many issues as we age, that the last thing we want is a weight problem from digestive issues. Unfortunately, most of us think if we “diet” and exercise more, that our bellies will get flatter and we will look and feel better. It is not your fault that you cannot find the right solution. Most doctors don’t even know enough about nutrition to help you.

My friend Amy has battled candida, belly bloat, inflammation and intestinal issues for most of her life. She has had surgeries, lost and gained tons of weight and been miserable until she took her “medical care” into her own hands. She has not only overhauled her energy levels, her muscle tone, her chronic intestinal and “bathroom issues”, but she is now sharing her plan with people everywhere.

If you suffer from either, candida, belly bloat, inflammation or chronic issues with digestions and elimination…

CLICK HERE AND DISCOVER HOW TO CURE YOUR BODY, INSIDE AND OUT AND BANISH BELLY BLOAT ONCE AND FOR ALL, so that you can have a slimmer waistline, and feel energized without pain every day!


Your friend and coach,


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