Why Cardio Causes Slowed Metabolic Rate

Posted: February 2, 2017

Metabolism. Weight Loss. Aging. The factors that make SO many women get on the scale daily. I was a cardio maniac in my late 20’s. I did aerobics and ran, stepmill, and dance. It took me years of abuse to my system and an added 20 pounds until I understood Why Cardio Causes Slowed Metabolic Rate.

Besides the pounding of the joints, the internal exhaustion, and cortisol production…too much cardio does one main horrible thing to your body. It produces a slowed metabolic rate. What is this you say?! I know. You and millions of others still use cardio as the first means to get leaner, and fitter. Slimmer and more defined. WRONG.

What constant cardio does is burns through lean precious muscle tissue. Since more muscle on your body gives you a faster resting metabolic rate…then burning through it is the last thing you want to do. What you want to do is to either preserve or build muscle.

How do you build lean muscle tissue that burns calories while at rest and resets your hormonal levels? With strength training moves. Whether you use bodyweight only, or add in a set of dumbbells…you can go from flabby and weak, to lean, fit and strong in a matter of 30 days!

In my program, Final Fat Meltdown…I give you follow along workout videos that are 20 minutes long, with a nutrient timed meal plan so that you can stop fat storage in its tracks. Not only stop fat storage, but stop the issue of why ┬ácardio causes slowed metabolic rate for good.

Raise that metabolic rate back to youthful levels.

Put on some lean muscle tissue and get stronger and leaner, while rebooting those hot zone hormones that shifted as you have gotten older. Hormones are not to blame. However, IF you keep on running like a hamster on a wheel, you will force your body to hold onto every pound you gain, and send your metabolic rate to a screeching halt!


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Coach Dawn

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