Losing weight during the Menopausal years

Posted: April 25, 2023

As we near our 50s, our bodies seem to belong to someone else. Losing weight during the Menopause years seems to be practically impossible. Even if we drop a few pounds, they seem to creep back up, right around our bellies…the last place we want excess fat. I’m a woman over 60, that has coached … Continued

How to Lose Menopause Weight Gain

Posted: April 3, 2023

Menopause weight gain is not like any other weight gain, that most women have experienced. If you have dieted and lost weight in the past, none of those old methods seem to work. Besides having the extra weight, most of it seems to sit right on your belly, making you look and feel older. As … Continued

How to Lose Weight After Menopause

Posted: March 30, 2023

As a woman over 50, I understand the battle of weight gain as we age. I am a gym owner, that has coached women for 25+ years, on how to slim down without extreme diets. If you want to know how to lose weight after menopause, the first thing you have to change is how … Continued

Preventing the Loss of Muscle

Posted: March 22, 2023

As we age, one of the surest ways to predict injury in the aged is the loss of muscle mass.  And the best way to live with vitality is by preventing the loss of muscle mass. With the loss of muscle mass, we are weaker, and are more prone to have dead muscle in our glutes. … Continued

Collagen with Fat-Burning Properties

Posted: March 4, 2023

Nearly everyone is on the “collagen bandwagon” these days…looking for better skin, an ageless body, and a faster metabolism. As a female fitness coach and woman over 50, I know that women need a collagen, with fat-burning properties. I know after looking at the ingredients of many, that not all collagen powders are created equal. … Continued

How much fat should women eat?

Posted: March 3, 2023

How much fat should women eat, and what are the best sources? Fats are necessary for hormone production, regulating body temperature, lubrication of joints, and for energy. Unfortunately, the most common fats that we eat are the unhealthy type. Mostly coming from baked goods, snacks, pre-made foods, and restaurants that use margarine and bad oils … Continued

How to Tone Your Body after 40

Posted: March 1, 2023

If you are over 40, then you most likely have tried diets, books on dieting, and hours of cardio. What you are looking for is how to tone your body after 40! If you’re reading this, you’ve experienced days of starvation, and one or many of the thousands of gimmicks that simply don’t work. How … Continued

How much protein do women need daily?

Posted: March 1, 2023

How much protein do women need daily is a million-dollar question. The lack of protein is one of the most common mistakes women make when trying to slim down. Without protein, our muscles shrink, our fat stores grown, and we lose muscle tone. First of all, it’s important that you stop thinking of terms of … Continued

How to Reverse Aging in Women

Posted: February 21, 2023

As we age, a series of events seem to happen. We may experience fatigue, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and even a lack of zest for life. We used to think that it was all decided by our genes and how our parents aged. Now, we know that with lifestyle changes, we know how to reverse … Continued

Best Ways to Stay Slim Over 50

Posted: February 20, 2023

I have coached women over 40, for over two decades. Nearly all of my clients have tried trendy diets that don’t work, or they can’t stay on. In this article, I’ll give you tips on the Best Ways to Stay Slim Over 50, and how to make those results last. First of all, it’s not … Continued

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