Anti-Aging Program for Women

Posted: January 20, 2021

Are you over 40 and feel that your best years are behind you? Does your body seem “squishier,” and no amount of dieting makes a difference? Don’t lose hope. After 25 years in the industry of coaching women, I can tell you there is an Anti-Aging Program for Women that works! Our bodies change rapidly … Continued

Incontinence and Female Pelvic Pain

Posted: January 18, 2021

Incontinence and Female Pelvic pain is misunderstood and common. If you are one of the millions of women that suffer. It’s time to take back control of your most intimate lady parts. Don’t be afraid of your feminine power and wisdom.  It’s time to step up and claim what’s rightfully yours: a life free of … Continued

Female Health after 50

Posted: January 12, 2021

As a women’s health coach and gym owner, I see often what women try to do to “fix” a poor lifestyle. Female health after 50, actually should start when you are 30! However, our bodies are amazing machines, and IF you shift your mindset to what you are capable of…great changes can happen. Most women … Continued

Meditation to Lose Weight

Posted: January 9, 2021

Are you feeling beat down, constantly living in the past of your failures, daydreaming about losing weight and what that would feel like? Maybe you constantly have that inner voice that negates what you HAVE done. I’ve found a way to use meditation to lose weight that works! Have you found yourself wasting time, gaining … Continued

Live Younger Longer Summit

Posted: January 6, 2021

There are now clear, specific, evidence-based steps you must take if you truly do want to look and feel your best now… avoid and possibly even overcome disease… and live long and well doing it. That’s why you should get excited about the Live Younger Longer summit! Get access to anti-aging strategies for free here … Continued

Natural Home Healing Remedies

Posted: January 6, 2021

Download your complimentary eGuide, Essential Natural Home Healing Remedies for Your Most Common Ailments HERE!Gabe Golden’s Essential Home Remedies for Your Most Common Ailments will let you put together a kit in your own home to reduce pain, common health issues, and more… Everyone grows up hearing different old wives’ tales about how to treat a … Continued

How to Go Sober in January

Posted: December 30, 2020

Are you worried you’ve been drinking too much during 2020? Maybe you are just feeling you need a break from the booze for a month? I want to give you the easiest and most fun plan on How to go Sober in January. Did you know by the time you reach forty-five plus… If you … Continued

Eating Chocolate for Better Health

Posted: December 30, 2020

Want to know my little “secret” for not snacking at night? I either eat or drink a specific and special, decadent chocolate. Did you ever think you could be eating chocolate for better health? Well, you can. I actually drink this rich, velvety CHOCOLATE every night and it almost instantly takes away my cravings for … Continued

Be Irresistible to Your Mate

Posted: December 29, 2020

Relationships are not easy. Especially now, with the “new normal” and the stress that has affected all of our lives. But what if one single method could change your relationship for the better? What if you could be irresistible to your mate no matter what’s happening in life? We are spending more time with our … Continued

How Loss of Sleep Keeps you Fat

Posted: December 29, 2020

Do you toss and turn at night due to stress and the inability to turn off your brain? Needless to say, we are in what could be the most stressful times in our lives. Do you know also, that besides brain fog and irritability, I’ll give you reasons on how loss of sleep keeps you fat! … Continued

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