Posted: April 28, 2012

If you keep doing the same thing, you will get what you have always gotten, therefore,

If you have been going to the gym for years, and you look the same, DO SOMETHING NEW!

I see people on the treadmill, lifting 5-10 lb. dumbbells, and working out with zero intensity every day!
They have been going to my gym for  10 years, and look heavier, unhealthier, and sadder! I don’t work there, so I really can’t say anything to them. I would love to say what I say to the girls that come to my gym, and the girls that do my bootcamps! “LIFT HEAVIER WEIGHTS”. Bigger muscles burn more calories. Intensity, without tons of rest, burns calories. Eating carbs before and after workouts will make you stronger, more energized, and more likely to have a better workout!
Stop doing the same workout! If you want to change your body, you MUST change your routine.
If you use ONLY machines, switch to free weights.
If you ONLY do cardio, do weights only for 6 weeks.
If you ONLY use free weights, use barbells.

ADD on to your workouts something new. Something tough. Something that you have to really concentrate on. Focus on what it feels like to engage your mind, WHILE you are working out your muscles. Learn what exercises are for what body part. Work your biggest muscle groups first.

Every time you challenge your body to do something it is not used to, IT HAS TO ADAPT!

Hire a trainer. Tell them you want to get stronger. This will have to be done by increasing the weight that you are normally used to lifting. If you are not used to lifting weights, tell them that you want to build muscle. This will also kick start your metabolism, build bigger muscles, and get you on the right path to CHANGING your body!

Summer is 8 weeks away!  Start NOW.

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