Complex Moves for Fat Burn

Posted: May 24, 2012

Fat burn is one of the top reasons people work out. Strength is a close second.Use your time wisely by doing complex moves in your workouts, and ditch the single muscle moves. At least for a while. Since I mainly come in contact with women in my personal training life, the constant question is “what moves will sculpt my muscles, and burn the most fat”? Well, again ladies, complex moves are tops. Fat burning, calorie torching, and all around fun! I did a great workout this morning, and I was spent at the end. I plan to do this workout 3 times weekly for the next 4 weeks, then progressing to a heavier bar. (still nursing a few injuries!)

Complex moves involve more than one muscle group at a time. The more muscle fibers you engage, the better the outcome.The exercises are in succession, and there is a 3 minute rest between the sets. Since this workout moves quickly, make sure that you choose the bar that is the right weight for you, so you can get through the full sequence!

I chose the 25lb. bar.

Starting in a deadlift position, clean the bar to your chest, palms facing forward, then press overhead. Return to starting position. This is done quickly, but fluidly! Repeat 10 times.

With bar behind neck
20 alternating lunges

10 dumbbell bent over rows w/25 lbs.
10 dumbbell flyes with 15 lbs. or cable crossovers w/35 lbs on machine
10 deadlifts w/35 lbs. dumbbells

Do each exercise fluidly, and quickly, never sacrificing form.
Rest after the full sequence is done for 3 minutes.
Repeat 5 times.

Hydrate and replenish with protein powder (SUNWARRIOR) and a simple carb mix as in Endurox R4.

You might be able to start this workout with the 35lb. bar. I plan on moving up to that in 1 month! As long as your form is great, you can always add or subtract weight depending on your fitness level.

Always check with your doctor before starting any new strength training program.

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