Create the Afterburn with Weights and Kettlebells

Posted: November 20, 2013

Afterburn is the biggest key in weight training and kettlebells. If you are looking for a way to burn calories long after you have left the gym, then get off the treadmill, and grab some weights and a kettlebell. Kettlebell training will get your heart rate up for hours, build muscular endurance and torch fat. Free weight circuits will keep you strong, and add some muscle as well as keeping the afterburn going. The days of walking on a treadmill or sitting on machines are OVER! Well, that is if you are looking for results in less time, with more fun. You only have to be ready to sweat, and really push yourself in shorter periods of time. Short bursts of power, mixed with strength and cardio wrapped up into one workout? YES!

You will need 2 Kettlebells. One moderately heavy, and one quite heavy (able to swing for 10-15 with great form).
2 sets of Dumbbells. 1 light to moderate set for shoulder presses. Second set Moderate to Heavy for Squats and Rows.
One Bench.

Here is your workout.
You will go from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible.
After 6 exercises, rest 2 minutes, go on to the next 6.
Repeat entire sequence 2 X.

I will give the example using what I would use at 5′ tall, 113 lbs.

Warm up first with 50 Jumping Jacks
20 Bodyweight Squats
10 Push ups
10 Alternating Lunges


15 KB Swings 14kg
10 Push Ups
10 KB Deadlifts (stiff legged) 16kg
8 Bent Over Rows 20 lb Dumbbell
15 KB Swings 16kg
16 Alternating Standing Shoulder Presses w/12 lb Dumbbells

Rest 2 Minutes – Hydrate

15 KB Swings 16kg
8 Goblet Squats w 14kg KB
10 Standing Shoulder Presses w/15 lb Dumbbells
10 KB Swings  16 kg
10 Dumbbells Squats w/ 15 lb Dumbbells
10 Push ups

This is the workout I did yesterday! Heart rate up, muscles fatigued, short and intense. The thing that creates results and is NEVER boring!

Add in a set, or make it more difficult with heavier weights. The idea is to move quite quickly from one exercise to the next, but use your muscles as well. I like to mix up the weights with Kettlebells to get the best and most benefits in the least amount of time.

This is one great way to shake up your metabolism 2-3 times weekly.

Always searching and sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health!

In Strength,


For the best way to rebuild, replenish and repair your muscles, have a post workout smoothie immediately following this workout.

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