Creating a Healthy Immune System

Posted: September 20, 2020

Are you concerned with creating a healthy immune system?

This is something I have been preparing my body for, for a long time…hopefully you have too.

With the cold and flu season right around the corner, you must-have part of your routine be creating a healthy immune system daily!

The novel virus struck the entire planet. Which is whe many people are seeking to boost their immune systems according to Google searches!

If you talk to any Naturopath, MD, Immunologist or anyone that is in the wellness industry, this should be a priority now.

Besides food and proper handwashing…exercise, fresh air and sleep…we need another tool to create a healthy immune system.

Like the army, your immune system is a complex network of units.

Your immune system which combats invaders, has to be ready to work overtime.

In this case, bacteria, viruses and other “enemies,” need to be struck down as soon as they enter your system!

So, to keep your body’s soldiers fit and ready, you need to boost them.

How can this be done? With Immune Boost Formula No. 1 supplement, that provides you with a new healthy living strategy:

  • The one loaded with potent antioxidants.      
  • One that supports a healthy inflammation response and a strong       immune system
  • That also that helps manage occasional stress levels.
  • And of course, is natural and easy to use

To help you get ahead of all problems related to health, we’ve got an outstanding deal for you. 

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Your friend in health,


p.s. People often ask me what supplements I take, and I take many.

However, it depends on many things. 

I have a thyroid disorder, and I take some things every other day for my thyroid. My body is overly inflamed and it’s urgent that I use supplements when food and lifestyle are not enough.

Then, there are some things 2 X a day because they are fat soluable and need to be taken with food.

I have been boosting my immunity with greens, more protein, more sleep and certain supplements as the Immune Boost Formula #1 currently with my first meal of the day since I am back to getting outside as much as possible, and in some situations…around others that are out in public as well.

I NEED to keep on top of my immunity because I am pretty sure it’s working “overtime” these days!!

In a “perfect” world, we’d get ALL we need from food and water.

But unfortunately that’s impossible.

Our food is loaded with toxins and even if we eat a lot of vegetables, they are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides.

Our meals are a combo of fast take out, and cooked at home with hopefully as best of ingredients that we can find available at the time…

I’ll be sharing more as we get into the next season coming up…but for now I wanted to share this great deal with you today since I know this is only for a limited time!

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