Creating Your New Body

Posted: August 21, 2019

We dream of looking, feeling and moving better. Yet, we are stuck in old rituals that keep us from becoming our best. Creating your new body has to be a plan.

What we are used to doing can actually accelerate the aging process. The days of hours of cardio are over. The pounding of joints creates pain and depletes muscles.

Muscles are the only thing that will keep you looking and feeling strong and youthful. Read this article about CREATING YOUR NEW BODY and see what you’ve missed out on. (but it’s NEVER too late!)

When we cut too many calories and only do cardio, we accelerate the aging process. Not only that…we can create too much stress on the body.

You already know that stress is aging. Lack of muscle makes you look weak and frail. If you are thin, you will look and get weaker.

It’s time to re-think your path to wellness.

You don’t have to lift heavy weights. And, you certainly don’t have to do hours of cardio, or exercises that a 20 -year -old does.

What you have to do is understand how the body works as you age, and why keeping or adding muscles are imperative to aging well.

Once you shift the way you think about getting leaner and stronger…you’ll take the stress out of your battle with food and exercise!

Please read the article on the next page so that you can see and feel the youthful you that you’ve desired…with half of the work!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!

Coach Dawn

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