Curing Thyroid Disease – Lifestyle Changes

Posted: October 13, 2016

Thyroid disease or those that think they have low thyroid is on the rise. Well, let me re-phrase that…it has been around for a very long time, and doctors are still in the dark ages when it comes to treatment or diagnosis. We now believe that it is possible to get on the path to curing thyroid disease with lifestyle changes. Read on about my story.

I had symptoms for years. Symptoms including, cold hands and feet (even when it was warm out) low body temperature, unexplained weight gain (even though I was a gym owner specializing in weight loss) and thinning hair.

I was not alone. There are thousands of woman (and some men) that have been questioning if they have thyroid issues…but their doctors are still in the dark. Some doctors will perform a blood test, telling a patient that is symptomatic that “the numbers are normal” only to make the patient feel worse.

That is what happened to me. So, since I am passionate about health and nutrition, I decided to spend time educating myself on curing thyroid disease through lifestyle changes, AND finding a doctor that listened to me.

I am currently at a great weight, with high energy levels, numbers that ARE in the normal ranges, and have very little if any, low thyroid symptoms any more. I do take a thyroid medication, but I am now Hell bent on sharing ways on curing thyroid disease and how to take control of your body through lifestyle changes.

The best source I found along my healing journey was to find Dr. Isabella Wentz, a doctor AND a thyroid patient that went through what so many suffers did as well.

If you feel you have symptoms and cannot find any resolve through anything you have tried., there is help.

Click on the link below and access everything from what questions to ask your health care provider, to recipes and more…


Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness,

Coach Dawn

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