Posted: October 14, 2011

This is definitely the season for more filling, substantial eating, and cooking. Most people talk about how much weight they gain during the colder months. That does not have to happen! I love hearty food just as much as the next person. You just have to know the right tricks to cutting calories, and fats down, or out of your favorite foods. These tips will give you some guidelines of how you can up your fiber, and nutrient content in your diet, while cutting out needless calories. You will get full faster, on less food, and stay full longer! Remember, these are some of my favorite ways to sneak in extra veggies, and fibers to your every day foods. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Baking is a bit trickier, but I still break all the rules. What do you have to lose by trying, but a few lbs. if it works, or a different idea next time if it doesn’t . Go ahead, have fun with cooking, and enjoy fall and winter foods, without the guilt!

Substitute steamed mashed cauliflower  or mix with your mashed potatoes. Add fat free chicken broth and whip up. If you prefer seasoned mashed potatoes, add in a dry package of ranch dressing mix. No added fats, but tons of flavor.

Homemade mac n cheese. Use low fat cheddar, mixed with fat free cottage cheese for a melted, creamy treat. Barilla pasta is made with high protein, and omega 3’s so don’t fret about the pasta!

Store bought muffin mix. Substitute 1/2 cup applesauce for the butter/oil……cut up fresh fruit and add to mix. Throw in 2 T. flax seeds, and you have a great, pre-workout breakfast.

Those hearty casserole recipes that call for mayo, or sour cream,  add fat free, or low fat yogurt instead!

My favorite foods in winter are homemade soups. Whether it be minestrone, bean, vegetable, or a potato leek soup, instead of thickening with flour, milk, or cream, take 2 cups of soup and blend in blender and return back to soup to make a thicker, version, without extra calories!

Enjoy all of the great warm foods of fall, and winter. Just try some of these tricks, and see what you are NOT missing, besides the bulge of your waistline!

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