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Posted: August 27, 2016

3 Things to NEVER do when Detoxing for Weight Loss
by Dawn Sylvester ISSA., CFT., SSN.


A lot of us feel that we have tried all of the “right” ways to lose weight, and our bodies still just won’t co-operate. So, we try faddish liquids, diets of cabbage soup only, and go to such extremes that we even feel worse…and most often than not gain more weight back when we are done with the plan. Infact there should be a warning on most detox plans that can actually cause weight gain, and slow down metabolic rates.


What if I told you that it isn’t that “the plan” that  didn’t work, it is that your body wasn’t properly prepared to lose weight. I’ll explain.


Our bodies are complex. We have different chemical makeups, different gene pools and are even pre-disposed to have a “certain body type.” We cannot change our body composition let alone get rid of internal invaders that prevent us from feeling and looking great, let alone lose weight, simply by trying a tricky odd concoction or a weekend starvation fix.


A realistic plan is one that directs us towards a more energized, youthful and optimized internal system that sets us up for weight loss and prevents our bodies from storing fat, and aging more quickly. This is never achieved by following a quick fad! In The Truth About Detoxing you will get the “insider’s guide” so that you understand how the media misleads us, combined with a
“7 Day Restoration Plan” to naturally prepare your body to drop toxins, inches and pounds without starving or living on liquids!


The way to detoxify so that you can lose weight is to get your body ready by preparing it so that our metabolic systems and hormones are in balance and it naturally cleanses on it’s own. When we do that for a short period of time, then we are ready to take on a sensible nutrition plan that includes REAL food, and an exercise plan that reboots our metabolisms with daily practices so that the stubborn pounds are ready to come off.  We must adapt and progress daily to reach our goals so that they become a way of life. That is when you achieve the energized and vital, body of your dreams. A non-toxic internal system.

Here are 3 Things to NEVER do when detoxing for weight loss.


  1. DO NOT – Get a colonic irrigation, use expensive enemas, or laxatives.
Although it is a practice that many believe will “clean out your colon,” it will not detoxify your kidneys, lymph glands, skin, or liver. Those are the organs that are meant to get rid of toxins in the body when they are working properly. The intestines are meant to absorb nutrients, not strip the body of everything good and bad. Possible side effects can be downright dangerous.


2. DO NOT – Think that quick weight loss will come from stored body fat.
Whenever you lose weight quickly by fasting, or cutting extreme amounts of calories, the weight comes first from water, then muscle. Rarely does someone lose fat from these trendy practices. Your body might be a bit “smaller” but will have a less efficient system now. Extreme or quick weight loss actually slows down the metabolic rate and is one of the biggest reasons that people keep gaining more weight. There are proven ways to cleanse out the bad while putting in the good relatively quickly, AND to lose body fat while doing it.


3. DO NOT – Go from a “junkfoodaholic” to an extreme calorie cutting plan.
It amazes me how many people decide to start a “detox” plan, and binge up until the day they start. What this does is make ANY diet or nutrition plan even harder to follow as you are forcing your body to alter hormones, metabolism, absorption and elimination by working overtime the days before and during your quick fix, making you feel miserable instead of better. Practices like this are why people cannot stick to a plan and get to their goals.


Stop believing that a quick fix is what you need. Educate yourself so that you can get to your wellness and fitness goals with proven scientific methods, not money wasting fads…continue



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