Why diets don’t work…and what does.

Posted: December 12, 2017

If you are a woman over 30, you most likely have tried  “diets” in your lifetime. Possibly you lost weight. Most likely you gained it back. This article is to help you navigate the frustration of nutrition and help you understand why diet’s don’t work…and what does.

You know that rack of clothes that says “one size fits all?” Well yeah, I always said, “except me!”. It’s the same for any diet. What works for me, might not for you. What your friends did to lose weight, may make you gain weight. AND, the scale is the last thing you should get on if you are dieting, because IF you lose weight…it will be water and muscle. The last thing you want to do to KEEP the weight off.

Diets are not a lifestyle.

Diets make you miserable.

Diets that have you counting calories, points or numbers are not a way to live.

Diets might make you lose weight in the first week or two, but the weight will not stay off.

The best approach that I have used in my gym with countless women, is to ADD in nutrients.

Diets keep your focus on what you cannot have. SO, when you change your mindset to eating more of certain foods, suddenly you are not binging, or “trying to cheat” or dreaming of what is “not allowed”.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot eat, you start to eat more of foods that you might have been missing that prevented your metabolic rate from working faster.

By adding superfoods with supernutrients, you stay full, while feeling more energized.

From smoother skin to more energy, a boosted immune system and balancing hormones…certain foods that keep you functioning at optimal levels are often missing from overweight women’s lives.

No matter how much you exercise, the weight might not budge. I know. I was a cardio junkie for years and kept gaining weight while sabotaging my hormones.

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Coach Dawn



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