Doctor Written Workout for Men

Posted: April 3, 2020

One of my good friends is a Senior Navy Doc for the Navy SEALs. Yeah, he’s a bad-ass. He’s smart and shared with the gym I own with my husband, his Doctor written workout for men.

Lanny has helped thousands of men get in shape. And…now more than ever is I’ll bet when your man, (or you) wishes he WAS in better shape. He and my husband Craig and I hung out in Nashville a while back and WOW. What a cool, smart, and FIT dude! 

Now I’m sure most of my readers are female, but we ALL have men in our live. But, who’s guy doesn’t wish they had that “military edge?” Especially when it comes to training, eating and working out. 

NOW is the time to get fitter, be stronger, and create a body that is PREPARED for life! CLICK HERE FOR A ROCK SOLID START AND TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR COMBAT VETERANS!

The cool part is that your guy doesn’t have to be tough as nails or anything like that. We all know that men secretly wish they could be like a warrior right!? Us gals need that “tough edge” in the workplace and…hell…at home too eh? 

Well, as Lanny told us. It’s the way you go about anything.Methodically. And…With intent. 

Even if your guy already works out, OR, has lost weight…the question is this. 


Just like anything that we don’t know how to do… To REALLY make changes in your body, you have to be “coached” by a professional…

NOT just some friend or trendy diet that doesn’t work with your body, your hormones or your schedule. This Navy Seal Doc, has put together a ROCK SOLID plan for men (women can use it too.)

It’s for those that want to know how to eat, what to eat, and with workouts that don’t involve hours of cardio. Not to mention other insane means to get a FIT, and LEAN, STRONG and HEALTHY… 


AND…the best part?

A large portion of the proceeds for this, goes to raise money for combat trauma veterans.
And…we know how our veterans are treated right? So…want to be a WARRIOR? 

 Or, want your guy to “up his game” at home, in the workplace and …with a body that takes you through life strong, lean and prepared?CLICK HERE FOR A ROCK SOLID START AND TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR COMBAT VETERANS!

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