Does your liver need a detox?

Posted: October 11, 2021

Did you know alcohol consumption and weight gain can tell you a lot about how well your liver is performing? So, if you have wondered “does your liver need a detox?” Then I’ll bet it does.

Are you aware that puffy eyes, bathroom issues, and fatigue the next day is all part of your liver working overtime?

Maybe you’ve considered stopping drinking…but that didn’t work.

You may even be exercising now, and choosing better foods…but still find it hard to give up drinking completely. And, frankly…maybe you just don’t want to.

Or, maybe you’ve even tried trendy diets…but you’ve still got that puffy middle…right?

I get it. The time we spent in lockdown was tough on us all. And, the past-times we took up, were not in our best interest right. 

Seriously though, I mean, how many episodes did you watch on Netflix… with just one more glass of wine? It might be part of the reason that extra weight has shown up around your middle…but it doesn’t mean you have a drinking problem.

It means you need a little “shift” to help you…

If you are still reading this email right now, you might be worried about alcohol, and what damage you may have created from drinking…even if you’re only a social drinker.

The fact is that Liver damage overtaxes your liver’s ability to shuttle out impurities so that every other system can do its job.

So you ask yourself…”Is my drinking really causing this excess weight!?”

Many people don’t realize that a fatty liver from alcohol is a different type of fatty liver from food, and needs to be treated in a very different way.

Liver supplements in the marketplace are your typical garden variety that is related to food – not alcohol.

What if you could find a liver supplement specially formulated for you as a drinker, whether you drink a little, or a lot? Or…if you’re the person that on occasion has a weekend binge? – 

You need a little helper that helps you process your alcohol better…and, that doesn’t put the added stress on your liver.

This means you can start losing the “booze weight” so that you can feel great about yourself, and…energized the day after a fun night.

I’ve got some AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU if you live in the US!

 (this is currently only available for US customers but will be soon for those that live internationally so keep an eye out)

>>>Discover this top-shelf liver support supplement created exclusively for drinkers, that you won’t find on Amazon or Wholefoods

But if you want to lessen your drinking and find a way to cut back – 7 days to drink less is here!

You don’t have to be perfect or change your social life completely. These are tools to help you be a healthier, happier you, if you’ve ever questioned does your liver need a detox.

Coach Dawn

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