Dr. Oz -The Truth about Eating Fats

Posted: January 5, 2019

Every time you turn around, you are told about another food NOT to eat right? Someone said to me recently that they wanted to believe that eating fats are healthy, but can’t seem to get rid of what she was told to believe before. Dr. Oz will be airing a special on The Truth about Eating Fats that you don’t want to miss.

Click this link to get in on the access and see Monteil and Naomi share with Dr. Oz.

We were lied to, AND, what we used to think has been proven to be wrong. Medical doctors didn’t take enough time to learn about prevention…all they learn is how to prescribe a med right? We had to educate ourselves when it came to food and most of us got our info from uninformed friends and commercials on TV!

Now there is valid information out there that can not only help you, and coach you to better health…it is in a FREE DOCUSERIES THAT YOU CAN ACCESS HERE!

The real skinny on fats will give you cutting edge science-based information that you can use in everyday life to lose weight, lower blood pressure, feel energized and never hungry again.

Dr. Oz reveals the truth about eating fats so that you can live long and strong and get tools to shed weight while feeling great.

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See you there!
Coach Dawn

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