Posted: October 7, 2011

Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Books have taken the public by storm. If you have no idea of what “eating clean” means, then get out of your cave,out of McDonald’s, off of the couch, and get any one of her books. As I have posted on many occasions, I am never surprised at how heavy, and tired people are when I see what they eat. Fast food, frozen food, prepared, pre-packaged, loaded with fat and preservatives, etc…From bad skin, to belly rolls and back flab, to insomnia, to lethargy, these are all the things we put ourselves through when we don’t eat clean.
Whether you are looking for more energy, better skin, or fat loss, eating clean is the only way to go. Tosca Reno battled many of the things most women after 40 battle. She was overweight, had a bad back, was pre-diabetic, depressed, and felt bad about herself. She had a diet of convenience, with the same reason everyone else had… time to eat healthy, let alone prepare her meals. Well, guess what? She made time. Now she is one of the most vibrant, sexy, strong, female role models I have personally ever heard of. She travels the country counseling, and motivating women to take charge of their lives. She has gone from tired looking, overweight, and frumpy, to downright head turning… and at 52 years old! She took charge of her health, her mind, and her body, and now looks and feels better than she did 25 years ago. Yes, it is possible, but no-one will do it for you.

Take a look yourself, and at what the new 50 looks like. Are you on the right track? Or are you in the fast food lane of excuses? How do you want to feel, and look, and what are you going to do about it?

Check out this interview with Tosca for a start, then take your first step to a new life, and body?

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