Eat More Lose More

Posted: August 3, 2016

Eat More, Lose More? Is that even possible? Most women eat less and exercise more and find that they are either at a stand still on the scale or even worse…they gain weight. If you want to eat more and lose more than you should understand that all of the old school methods of weight loss need to leave your mind!

Women need fat. Not only do we need fat, we need a certain amount of calories to maintain our precious muscle tissue. When we cut out fats (especially the healthy ones) we do our bodies a huge disservice!

Women’s bodies are designed to hold onto fat stores for a reason. Fat regulates hormones, keeps us from getting brain fog, actually raises our metabolic rate and keeps our internal furnace running on high. It also is a needed for healthy skin that looks like you are in your youth. Ever see a woman that is shriveled up and looking aged and weak? I guarantee that she needs a little water, and some healthy doses of fats.

I am going to help you cut through the BS, and get you right to the part where you can discover recipes that not only taste delicious, they will Let you Eat More to Lose More!

Flavia DelMonte is an expert in the field of cooking for fat loss. She has authored several books on losing weight and her recipes will make you feel as if you are cheating, not eating foods that support weight loss!

Click here and discover FLAVALICIOUS COOKING so that you can get into those sexy clothes and forget ever dieting or starving ever again!

Why starve and be miserable when you can eat foods you love that keep you losing weight, looking great and feeling even better!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in the bodies that we deserve!
Your friend and coach,

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